About Us

It all began with a phone call...
One Sunday afternoon in 2009, Brian Wyant gave Kyle Boyd a call and asked if he would like to partner together to open a Christmas tree lot.  Without giving it a second thought, Kyle accepted his challenge.  He and his wife Shannon, along with Brian and his wife Angela, were all in, and Snowflake Village was born!
The goal of Snowflake Village was to minister to people and to serve the community by giving back to local Lake Wylie, Clover, Charlotte, and Fort Mill area non-profits, community organizations, and those in need.
The vision for the adventure within Snowflake Village was to provide a unique and impactful "experience" unlike any other lot!   It was an amazing vision, but how did two families that knew nothing about Christmas trees, or what all goes in to running a tree lot, successfully develop the vision that God set before them?  The answer was God's faithfulness in equipping those He calls! 
 Even after beginning the first year in a knee-deep mud bog where it rained 20 straight days, they all knew that God would pull them through.  He blessed Snowflake Village in such a way that over the years Snowflake Village has been able to minister to hundreds of families with various needs. We have provided jobs, financial assistance, offered prayer and spiritual support, and gave a large portion of its proceeds back to their charitable partners.
Snowflake Village sells a lot of Christmas trees and wreaths, but even more than that, we are able to bless others and be blessed by so many people. We have many volunteers and supporters who donate their time, energy, and resources to make Snowflake Village a unique "one-of-a-kind" Christmas tree lot experience.
As always, God is faithful to Snowflake Village by overflowing our cups with blessings of love, joy, and the opportunity to touch other peoples' lives. We have many returning families that have now made Snowflake Village their family tradition!  We are so grateful and excited to see what God has planned for us as we move forward!