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Thanks for considering a volunteer position at Snowflake Village! We rely on the love of this community to bless others around us. We would love to have you join us as a volunteer. Below are some of our needs. Please take a look and see if you are able to join our team! 

Luggers - These trees don't get off the lot by themselves!

Chainsaw help - Trimming trees and making sure the bottom is jusssst right! We're also looking for folks to help teach our new employees the ropes. 

Handyman/carpenter - Helps with setup, breakdown and various other tasks - we're always adding on!

Website and social media developer We're looking for an expert to get us on the right track and to meet with us quarterly to add/update what we need.

Sponsorship committee lead Someone who aids with recruitment and fundraising, works with partner charities to help with labor so more can be donated to them.

Wreath makers We have a big need for talented and creative wreath makers (paid or volunteers).

Greeters - We need friendly faces to educate folks on our tree selection process, get hot chocolate, and help keep things tidy. 

If one of these positions above seem like a good fit for you, please provide us with your contact info and tell us where you think you would make a good fit. 

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