Holiday Photography Sessions

Snowflake Village presents Holiday Photography Sessions:  We are introducing our Holiday Scene with Santa's sleigh in the midst of decorated trees. 
  • Our mini sessions help create fun, unique memories with out planning a whole session.  The short sessions with Santa's sleigh and lite Christmas Trees will make for a beautiful picture for years to come. 
  • The half sessions will provide additional pictures around the Holiday Scene and other props around Snowflake Village. The family can get comfortable in front of the camera.

Register Your Photo Session

Holiday Half Sessions $198.00
 30-minute sessions includes 8 edited digital images in the Christmas Sleigh and Trees.

Steps to book a photo session:
  1. Click on the date and time for the session you desire to reserve below.
  2. You will be take to a login page where you can create an account.
  3. The account information is how we will send you a link to your pictures after the session to download..
  4. Once the account is created you will be given an option to check out or continue shopping for other Christmas products including your tree which you can pick up at the photo session if you like.
Select a date and time to schedule your photo session


  1. Arrive 15 minutes early
  2. Bring some snacks for children not messy.
  3. Avoid children being hungry plan session before or after mealtime
  4. Select clothing neutral colors with soft, flowing fabrics. Or for fun select bold accent colors with hues of gray with yellow or bright red. Adding fun scarves, headbands & hats
  5. Schedule after child's nap time is best to make sure they are well rested
  6. Should a diaper change be need; change just before sessions


Sessions will not be refunded due to cancellation. Please find someone to take your spot if you are unable to be present.  Sessions are difficult to reschedule due to the holiday season. If you or a member of your family has come into close contact with someone with Covid-19, please cancel or give away your spot.


We will try to reschedule sessions that are held outside to an alternate time available